Increase the productive lifecycle of the landfill -
- by being 10% more efficient in compacting the waste
Cut operating costs by up to 30%!
Shred all materials – even the most demanding ones – with a single machine.
Machinery for the recycling of biomass
Allowing you to use the energy potential of trend-setting raw materials
Screening and separation technology
Continous development and innovation in trommelscreening
Trommel Screen T80
Low maintenance and efficiency continue to set industry standards
World's most commonly used windrow turner series
Low maintenance and efficiency continue to set industry standards
Stabilisation systems for soil improvement
Strengthening, bioremediating or encapsulating soft and contaminated soils
Screening buckets for loaders and excavators
Aerate, mix, separate, feed and load different materials in a one-step operation.

GCM Enviro is a leading distributor for the latest in waste management equipment; from landfill compactors, shredders and grinders through to state-of-the-art screeners and compost turners.

We offer high quality equipment from world renowned European manufacturers including TANA, Terra Select, BACKHUS and JENZ.

Our philosophy is to maintain constant dialogue between manufacturers and clients to ensure that design is governed by market requrements, particularly in the harsh climatic conditions we experience.

Throughout the country we have sold over 3200 machines. These machines have earned an excellent reputation for robust design and reliability.


GCM Enviro's mission is to provide customers with cutting edge technology in soild waste management combined with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems.

The objective of this mission is to improve our customer's business and enable them to increase revenue - "from waste to value".


Some machines from the GCM Enviro range.

The most productive compactor on the market
Endless capacity....
ALLu Screening and crushing buckets
Screening and Crushing Buckets
The most productive compactor on the market
The most productive compactor on the market