Trommelscreen T7

Endless capacity

The Trommel screening machine T7 is the largest Trommel screening machine in the Terra Select product line. It reaches screening capacities of up to 250 m³ per hour on account of an efficient screening surface of approx. 49 m².

Heavily screened material, for example wet compost, is no problem for the machine with a screening length of 7.500 mm and a diameter of 2.200 mm. The long screening Trommel and the resulting long screening section are also suitable for screening any waste.

The Trommel screen T7 has been designed with many convincing technical detailed solutions. For example, the Trommel of the T7 can be reversed without problems for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

All Terra Select machines are solid and long-lasting, e.g. all conveyor rollers are equipped with screwable flanges. A change of the complete conveyor rollers, e.g. in case of a bearing damage, is not necessary.