Shark Waste Shredder

Provides the widest particle size range in waste shredders

TANA Shark waste shredders match your production needs. They are available in tracked or semi-trailer models that are easily moved from site to site or locally at your facility. The electric shredder fits perfectly to your onsite operations either in the front end of your process or as a secondary shredder that can handle even the roughest of material streams. 

The TANA Shark waste shredders are available in several applications

Mobile waste shredders on semi-trailer
220D and 440D are diesel-driven 

Mobile waste shredders on tracks
220DT and 440DT are diesel-driven

Stationary electric waste shredders
220E and 440E

TANA Shark provides you the widest particle size range in waste shredders

Whenever you need exact particle sizes, you can rely on TANA Shark to deliver what you need. As for waste shredders in general, 95% of the pre-shredded materials do not come out in the end product size that you require. We challenge you to seriously consider why to use energy and money on something that you do not need when there is a machine that does things right at once.