E320 Landfill Compactor

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TANA E320 Landfill Compactor


General Information


Total length

Total width

Total height


Ground clearance

Length without dozer blade

Width without dozer blade

Inside turning radius  

Driving speed ranges

Maximum crushing force

32 000 kg

8 260 mm

3 660 mm

4 320 mm

4 050 mm

890 mm

6 640 mm

3 250 mm

3 880 mm

0–5 km/h 0–7 km/h

157 kN


TANA E Series Landfill Compactors

TANA is the first purpose-built waste compactor on the market. The TANA E Series is the result of long-term product development and proven solutions which bring remarkable benefits to the user.

Among the unique features which set TANA landfill compactors apart from other compactors on the market:

  • Full-width twin-drum construction
  • Rigid frame construction
  • Crushing teeth


Designed for maximized uptime and cost-efficient operation

This design provides maximized uptime of the machine.

TANA E Series compactors are able to handle waste on landfill sites in a cost-efficient way, with:

  • Fewer passes

  • Simplified maintenance

  • Good drivability

  • Easier machine management and controls

Therefore, providing better compaction and waste treatment capacity with lower operating costs.


Distinctive features of the TANA E Series landfill compactors


Rigid frame design advantages

A rigid frame provides the optimum crushing force. That is why the TANA compactor has been built around a rigid articulating frame which provides up to 100 percent greater crushing force on a single drum, compared to an oscillating four-wheeler of a similar weight.

  • Provides maximum crushing force; articulation of +/- 40 degrees but zero oscillation

  • Allows an even load spreading with its wide and always level blade

  • Minimizes undesirable cabin swing

  • No uncontrolled weight shifting

  • Maximum compaction

  • Very simple design and extremely robust construction

  • Excellent traction and no slipping or sinking wheels


With a wide drum, machine movement is cut in half compared to the number of compaction passes needed by a four-wheeler. Thus, a wide drum saves both time and fuel by minimizing excessive driving.

Tana landfill compactor

Wide drums produce an unrivaled smooth and dense surface.

Compaction Drum and Crushing Teeth Specifications - E320:

Uniform full-width drums with forged solid steel crushing teeth. Adjustable scraper bars on both sides of the drums and adjustable steel wire cutters in the ends of drums. 

Crushing/compaction width

Diameter including crushing teeth 

Number of crushing teeth  

Height of crushing teeth

Number of scraper bars 

Number of wire cutters 

Front/rear drum 

2 660 mm/2 660 mm

1620 mm/1620 mm

80 pcs/80 pcs

200 mm/200 mm

14 pcs/14 pcs

2 pcs/4 pcs



TANA Twin-drum construction

The compaction force of the full-width twin drums is directed straight down, thus preventing waste extrusion from underneath the compactor.

Wide drums provide excellent traction, very little to none slipping and do not sink in the below waste. This also produces the unrivaled smooth and dense surface.

With a TANA compactor, a one-way machine movement cuts in half the number of compaction passes needed by a four-wheeler.


Twin drum advantages and features

  • Achieve two full-width passes with a single machine movement
  • Provide the most uniform compaction of any machine on the market - no uncompacted gaps remain between wheels
  • Maximizes waste treatment capacity (tons per hour) - width combined with speed provide maximum traction with multiple rows of teeth leave a level surface of unparalleled smoothness
  • End plates concentrate compaction force straight down


Crushing teeth

The size, shape, structure and total number of the crushing teeth is important. In a TANA E Series landfill compactor, the teeth are 200 mm (7.8") in height, allowing thorough, highly wear-resistant penetration of every fresh waste layer.

The teeth are designed in the shape of a pyramid, are made of solid steel, and are kept clean by a large number of adjustable scraper bars.



Crushing teeth features:

  • Made of solid steel and 200 mm (7.8") in height

  • Provide up to 28 footprints per m2 (28 footprints per 10 square feet)

  • Total of up to 442 teeth on a machine

  • Produce maximum kneading effect on waste

  • Laid out in a conical arrangement, maximizing compaction 



Dozer blade

The dozer blade is operated with two hydraulic cylinders and it is equipped with two arms. Arm joints are with hardened pins and spherical bearings. 


Dozer Blade Specifications - E320:



Movement above ground level 

Movement below ground level 

Upper part of blade: trash screen

Bolt-mounted reversible cutting edges

3 660 mm

1750 mm

1170 mm

150 mm





The frame is constructed of two modular drum frames connected together with a longitudinal upper frame.

The drum frame acts as a shell around the drum, which helps to prevent waste raising to the upper parts of the machine from below.


The upper frame is equipped with center point articulated steering operated with two hydraulic cylinders.

  • Articulation links are equipped with hardened pins and spherical steel bearings.

  • The angle of articulation to the left or right is 40 degrees.


Service platforms and protection

  • Service platforms and steps are equipped with banisters and anti-slide surfaces.

  • Engine and powerpack are protected with lockable hood (bonnet).

  • Opening the hood is made easier by using wind hooks.


Vandalism protection

  • Lockable cabin, engine compartment, and fuel tank filling cap

  • Electronic key for ignition


Engine Specifications - E320



Cummins QSL9-C325 

  • Turbo charged, 6 cylinders in line, after-cooled electrically controlled diesel engine that communicates with the TCS system

  • Fulfills U.S. EPA & CARB Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA non-road emission certificates

  • Maximum power: 261 kW (350 bhp)/1 900 rpm

  • Power rating: 242 kW (325 bhp), (SAE J1995)

  • Maximum torque: 1 424 Nm (1 050 lb-ft)/1300–1500 rpm


Engine equipment 

  • Dry type air cleaner with replaceable primary and safety element

  • In-built pre-cleaner and service indicator

  • Fuel filter and water separator 1 pc

  • Oil filter 1 pc

  • Exhaust muffler

  • Radiator + separate charge air cooler

  • Starter motor 24V

  • Alternator 24V, 70A




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